what are my chances of raising the $80,000,000,00 to implement the ideas proposed by yours truly to help seniors, care givers, the needy, the lambs and the sheep and the flock of God?

6.36 am, Friday, 21/08/2015,/6.38am.

Blessings from this morning and I’m barely out of bed…..here goes….come with me to

Isaiah 51:1 and Isaiah 51:7 and we’ll chat if you do not feel obliged to rush off to care for your  worldly concerns and have time     to be mindful of Colossians 3: 1 and 2.

> read Colossians 4:6 with me and tell me what is on your mind      and in your heart.

are our attitudes similar your and mine?  do we have a similar mindset? are we on the same pages in God’s word and not off in different worlds and not taking from _____.

6.57 am.


>>> here’s the plan, weekly, monthly, periodically, God willing, I’ll do a demo of what this 80 year old elder can do that could be duplicated by others with the right attitude and the necessary mindset with strengthcourage,patience and faith withoutfear


>> document > progress made in key areas of concern


>>> do assessments and evaluations and tests > ie who is able to bend down in a correct manner andpick up lint off the floor…….easily and safely


>>>> who can climb 120 flights of stairs in less that 30 minutes…less than 25 minutes

7:11 am


who is willing to see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed?????   Who is ready for all of that?  Who is willing?

7.15 am






6.47 am.



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