What is the aim, the goal, the objective, the purpose and the immense value of and extreme need for all of this fuss?

8.14 am, Friday, 21/08/2015

let us put it this way

1, learn to grow younger

2, and learn to grow stronger as we get older

3, and discover how to grow up emotionally and socially and especially spiritually.

8.18 am, 21/08/2015

…………individually as another Lone Ranger………or collectively as the body of Christ

your choice…………..have you been reading John 10:10 every day and ________


this post added 8.28 am, > I was prompted to read Isaiah 51:6 > WOW!  > read this and rush to tell me if you and I are on the same page! If so, you are the sort of person I would like to connect with.   > there is a very GREAT challenge just ahead if we are able to see and hear and understand and convert and be healed.  If we are still in agreement at this point, please read Matthew 7:7 and Matthew 7:8        8.36 am.

_____      .

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