“What is the credit card ID?”

10.30 pm, Thursday, 20/08/2015/10.34pm

for my information and for your information:

> The credit card ID is the C V V 2 /CID number

and the CID number is the last 3 digits printed on or above the signature line on your credit card.

I’ve got a snag with my email which I just haven’t got around to correcting

>>> this edit 6.31 am, 21/08/2015, this snag with my email is not even on my current to do list.  >>>> perhaps soon……………go to Friday’s post which I will do now..6.34 am.

I’m trying to order Doug Schrif’s   Eldergym 4 DVD fitness program  over the internet.

why am I bothering to tell you about credit cards and senior fitness programs?

> in 6 weeks > in 43 days, God willing,  I will be 80 years old or 80 years young > my hope is to trouble shoot and to problem solve for older adults, seniors and elders who themselves hope to stay active and who hope to remain in very good health etc.


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