just lost my entire post twice

3.43 am Saturday, 22/08/2015

Saskatchewan, do you want a healing centre?  yes!….no!….some day!…..never!

This is a test of my resolve and an assessment of my progress in building patience

and how good is my short term memory as God willing, I approach my 80th birthday

we’ll publish this much and > return to edit 3.45am.

I was asking if this proposed healing centre was feasible and realistic and doable at this time or do I need more patience, more easy forgiveness and more faith without any fear, without uncertainty and with not a doubt regardless of the frequency of any barrier, block or obstacle in the way or put in the way deliberately. It happens lots!


I had pointed out that I/we need Romans 10:12,13, Hebrews 7:25 and Isaiah 51:7 in our heads, in our hearts and in our relationship with God, with our selves and with others.

we need to be in the same book and on the same page, NOT in different worlds.

first comes physical, emotional and social challenges…..

then the deeper challenge of relationships…..truth and openness or mind games and secrecy….a warm heart or a cold heart…care and compassion or XXX xx and xx XXX

please read Isaiah 5:13 and please read Isaiah 6:10 again and again and again until you see what I see and you and I agree and you and I………………. see eye to eye. 4.35             ………and you and I can work together in spiritual harmony 4.55 am edit …….  and we attract a functional TEAM  4.56 am.

> this edit is added 6.30 am, 06/09/2015, is referring to when the strong and the righteous leadership does emerge and the functional TEAM does becomes operational ….Thank You Father for the GREAT patience and Thank You Lord Jesus for the growing faith and certainty and confidence.   6.37 am


> >>> speak my words unto them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear:


It is amazing how many professing Christians go out of their way to do you one and give you a shot   3.59 am

please review the 20/08/2015, 4.15 am elderchanges.wordpress.com post > Thank You Father for leading me all of these years by the way that I should go.  -4.10 am/4.59 am



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