just lost a major portion of today’s 5 star post, but that is Ok, because I am being given great patience and enormous faith

5.59 am 24/08/2015

I have decided that I will write out the material for this post in long hand so that if this happens again today or tomorrow or in the days ahead while I am formulating what to say to anyone who might participate in some way  -6.05

And I’ve lost my underline. Yes I do need some technical advice

and yes sometimes I do hit the wrong key  -6.10        > click update

> I’m walking a mental tight rope of sorts >stay calm > stay focused > call on the name of the Lord Romans 10:13 > be thankful>  Thank You Father for teaching me and leading me and guiding me and reminding me patiently endlessly  6.16 am write it out in longhand > now update  > be thankful again > Yes Father I do want to get to know You

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