If you claim to be a believer, please ask yourself, what all must be accomplished individually by just me? then collectively with other professing Christians?

4.27 am, 27/08/2015/4.30 am.



now ask yourself: who do you serve? > please answer truthfully > please do not make up a story > please do not tell a BIG FAT lie.

and truthfully, are you stuck?

in truth, are you struggling to overcome this or that or the other?           >  please do not lie to yourself or to others.

> but then what can you do? > and what can be done for you by others?

if you answer that Yes, I am stuck, then why? > what is the problem? do you know? do you need to talk to someone to help you find out?  do you want to talk to me?  > I will  make myself available to convenience you. > if I don’t know, possibly I can assist you to find someone who does know how  to help you > renew > refresh > restore> and then assist you in some righteous way    >  to accomplish        > more  >>   and  much more!   >>> and much more!!

ok, Saskatchewan, are you interested ?



or perhaps, possibly, maybe in another 40 years?

5.20 am.


yesterday, there were 69 views reported and 6 articles written


What must I say next and what must I do now to get 35.5 million views?

Father, in Jesus name ……………..I ask and I humbly pray…..

What must I say next and what must I do now to help people do more > do the word > and do the work > do your will, Father > endure > * grow up spiritually into Christ in all things >>**  having become purified unto Jesus as a peculiar people zealous of good works and who >>>***  are now   in fact     overcomers  …..who do serve You Father     > see Malachi 3:18 akjv

5.42 am/6.41 am.


this edit added 5.43 am, 27/08/2015, with 69 views and with 6 articles published from yesterday’s elder changes post titled: Some folks, somewhere are interested in today’s elder changes post…………….I’ll respond by saying this……..if there was a way, it would be 35.5 million Canadians and 38.8 million Californians took a look and decided to bite the bullet and made that key decision to begin to look into what to do to change 5.55am

if and when you have 5 or 10 minutes available       …..then………..

and if the ideal space is still available

Mr. and/or Mrs. Saskatchewan, meet me at Market Mall > you bring your camera man.  > I’ll bring a chair and one piece of carpet 3 of my steps wide by 4 of my steps long.

then you and I can roll out the carpet and we can begin

to demonstrate for you, for Saskatchewan and for all Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare

what is possible at any age even in old age, if and when we believe

and if we do try and if we do make a serious effort

not just talk about it ….but do it!

any interest yet?

6.49 am.





______________________________________________________________________the bottom line is this: if you refuse      >>>>>>            you lose, period.


or if you want health and wellness and particularly if you want spiritual life

….. the bottom line is this: are you and I in the same book and are we on the same page

  and not in different worlds > in spirit and in _____

do we think the same, you and I, > do we have the same or similar attitudes, > do we have the same or similar beliefs, > how do are mindsets compare? >etc.,

> the bottom line is this: who is on the real path of life even if struggling.


for starters   > see John 4:24    and 1 John 3:3

7.32 am.


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