if you are interested in the benefits and blessings of change but still hesitate, look for someone with understanding

4.14 am, 28/08/2015,

may I ask you, if you are on the path to spiritual life? and if so, where?     4.34 am.  it makes a HUGE difference to what you need to know and what you need to focus on doing. 4.37

> Just read all the way back to the August 16th post: there are lifestyle choices available and added some interesting edits which some of my interested readers will want to see for sure  > this *edit added 5.31 am, 28/08/2015   5.33 am.

> just added an edit to 2015/08/20 post Thank You Father for leading me > Luke 13:3 at 6.35 am  > corrected an error.





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