O.K., “How am I today?” > if you really want to know read on….

5.53 am 29/08/2015.

I was just outside to look at today’s sunrise > very dark sky with one tiny spot of pink!

opened my Bible to Jeremiah 22:3-5    and 13-16 to read what I had previously marked.

Join me  for 5 or 10 minutes and I’ll share.      6.03 am.

> if you’re not “too busy!” and not in a BIG RUSH that is


this edit added 6.15 am > just outside again, lots of pink sky, a very pretty sky, no more dark sky, and a pretty blue > no one else is up > too early > no one to talk to about all of these things > oh well, many good changes coming > God said HIS words will not return to HIM void > at this moment I recall   Isaiah 5:16   and  I Peter 4:7,8,9,10,11.


God willing, I am now well past  Luke 12:51-52            and     2 Corinthians 7:5    and will not be back again.

Thank You Father!, Thank You Lord Jesus!  I sing your praise and give You glory!!

6.33 am, 29/08/2015.


……………..from yesterday’s stats there were 39 views and 4 articles written. I have no way to determine if they were for or against what is proposed be done to help others.


we could draw nigh to God                7.23





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