Father, am I offering something new and of enormous value or is it all old hat?

3.41 am, 30/08/2015, Sunday, August 30th, 2015,

am I offering Canadians and Californians something new and exciting and of enormous value or is it all old hat?

3.43 am.


how to communicate….   > how to connect   ……   > how to overcome BIG resistance     …..with   ….   “the truth no less …..eh?”

information > understanding > knowledge > interest >  motivation > opportunity

try,        and try           and try again

what if I make the effort to build positive relationships if and when there is opportunity.

4.02 am



4.03 am



4.04 am.


“with 35.5 million Canadians and 38.8 million Californians, in my sights, who is genuinely interested and who is willing to invest the time and effort?”  I have 65 copies of the Holy Bible I use to give away and one new copy of “Rewire Your Brain for Love”, Hay House, 2012, by Marsha Lucas PhD

4.11 am


“who can see the value and benefits and blessings of the right and righteous change?”

4.30 am,


“who is willing to invest the time and effort with passionstirred up by participation????”

….by doing!

……….by doing the word!……by doing the work! …….and by doing the Father’s will!

4.38 am.


this edit added at 5.51 am, Sunday, 30/08/2015, Father, am I offering your people anything here at this time they that they are genuinely interested in? 5.53 am.


what do I do now? what do I do next? 5.54 am


Father, 5.55 am,  I’m waiting quietly for You.


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