ponder this …eh? will Canadians call for billions of dollars for ALC? or save billlions of dollars by the support of a BLC? and more billions with a CCLC?

11.50 am, Wednesday, 30/09/2015

what is ALC? what is BLC? and what is CCLC?

“got the time to chat for 5 or 10 minutes?”  -11.51 am.


this edit added 6.29 am, 01/10/2015, do you have time to chat for 5 or 10 minutes just this once in your whole entire lifetime? or daily for a few days? -6.33 am.



, but by love serve one another . . . . . because …

7.50 am., 30/09/2015,

” > . . . . . ,     > …             ,   >  when will we finally get to the good stuff?”

will we serve one another?   will we actually help one another?    will we get to know one another?   what are our particular emotional and social needs? do we have the same interests? will we make the effort to get to know what each other needs and wants and what each one of us is struggling with spiritually different days and at different times of any day?- 11.20 am., 30/09/2015




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consider your options early and learn to do the BEST planning possible!

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………….every day more and more people are sickly and ill and fewer are healthy.

…there is a call for Billions of dollars to repair our acute care system  8.06 am

… there is a call to invest Billions of dollars to provide more long term care

where is the interest in prevention of illness and in healing disease ?

> this edit added 5.22 am 01/10/2015, … added and in healing

who would rather stay healthy and stay well??

and who wants to know more about life

10.31 am.,


this edit added 5.55 am, 06/10/2015 and is an invitation to the people of Ontario to examine the prevention of illness and disease by learning how to stay in good to excellent health in the first place which is far easier and wiser and smarter than attempting healing after an illness or disease is firmly established. – 6.07 am.



are you a professional athlete who wants to avoid serious career busting injury? do you want to know the secret?

6.59 am, 29/09/2015.

you’ll be surprised by what I can still do as an elder and by what I can show you.

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it is simple common sense and cause and effect, BUT trainers miss it for some reason I can’t explain. But I can explain to you what to do to avoid those crippling injuries.

7.05 am.


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