1, a powerful health and wellness service for adults ages 25 to 79 and 80 to 105 operating out of a person’s home

6.49 am,/6.56 am

even in small towns and out of the way places  7.29 am

look at what we do have and what we could have going for us…..eh!

….with a little effort, quality knowledge, understanding and honest communication!

7.34 am.


Sir, Ma’am, are you ready to get healthy and do you want to become well??

7.36 am.


how many of Canada’s 35 and a half million can and will answer YES truthfully?

7.38 am.


how many people is Saskatchewan will give me their ear and their attention?

7.42 am


I’m ready to articulate, to illustrate and to demonstrate a very doable plan.

7.55 am.



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