Canada, accept this special invitation and begin today to make the changes which can and will work miracles all across Canada a Mari usque ad Mare!

2.33 am., 06/09/2015,

but, But, BUT, how does one begin?  and where does one begin?

Thank you for asking.



and if you stay tuned, God willing, I will answer all of your concerns and all of the right questions and all of the righteous questions in the right order and in the correct sequence for each person who asks for help in faith and who asks without FEAR.

2.39 am


Sorry Folks, but because illness and disease is spiritually based, we must address the deep down spiritual roots if we want a cure .


if you and I are going to do any work together, You and I will need 5 or 10 minutes of quality time together face to face to set the mood and to get off on the right foot.

first question ought to be, why are so many of us in such a pathetic mess?

the second question could be where is the BEST place to start a meaningful recovery?

my thought is > refresh > renew > restore > and much more!

………………..this **edit added 3.33 am 06/09/2015 * *personalized!!!

BUT what can and all too frequently does go wrong before the tender age of five?

> 4.34 am, 06/09/2015, > prepare a brief write up > to have on hand if asked

fyi < all too frequently > edit added 3.54 am, 06/09/2015

from the age of 5 to 105, what could and should you and I do to help others??  ….say once every five to ten years ……………check some key attitudes…. asses some of the important habits …..and evaluate mindsets for the flaws which creep in……read John 10:10 ……and..


encourage men to grow up and to mature in the spirit > see 1 Cor. 13:11    3.15 am.   06/09/2015.          and fyi > got some high octane information and understanding coming soon! > +  > ++   > +++,      4.44 am.

> encourage our leaders to be strong and to be of good courage, without fear







at 4.20 am, today, an edit was added to ……………..with courage and with confidence………….come boldly………..posted 02/09/2015


this edit is added at 5.15 am, 06/09/2015, for the <++++>, <++++> TEAM when it  happens and when they do gather  …..what before the age of 5 damage can be corrected from the age of 5 to 15 and/or from the age of 5 to 25, when the strong and the righteous leadership emerges?  5.20 am./ 5.45 am


this comment added at 5.29 am….notice in the previous post how the ages and the times are a match. God has a great sense of humour and pays much attention to detail.


6.40 am, just added a TEAM edit to the 22/08/2015th post titled: just lost my entire post twice.     > Thank You Father for the GREAT patience You are giving me  >Thank You Lord Jesus for the SOLID faith You are giving me. > Thank You for the abundant revelations and blessings!   6.45 am.


this edit added 6.21 am, 08/09/2015, please“cover Ephesians 6:4 .”



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