is it a bit of a joke? or is it in fact a BIG FAT JOKE?….is repairing health care in Canada a Canada wide joke at this time? contact

9.27 am, 07/09/2015,


what do we expect…

when we are carelessandindifferent

if we do not understand cause and effect

if we insist on merely managing superficial signs and symptoms

if we ignore the facts and brush off the truth and turn our backs on reality



we could change

we could learn to make better choices

and we could and we should learn what to do to prepare

but, someone has to make the first move………..will that be me or you?

be an example…be a role model…….prove what is doable even as a senior or an elder!

…… an example for millions of Canadians 5-15, 15-25, 25-55, 55-65, 65-75, 75-85

get your camera ready…..soon……! …………any day now!

9.41 am, 07/09/2015

or we can stay stuck

if we prefer to stay set in our bad/awful/pathetic ways

health is consuming more than 40% of Provincial and Territorial budgets

is health care as it is now actually sustainable in Canada?

does Canada have the ability to meet the needs of an aging & chronically ill population?

Canada, if you are willing to pay close attention soon, there is still a solution…….

what if adults and older adults and seniors and elders were active!

who is listening?  ………….and…………who understands?

who wants to have much better relationships pdq?

.with yourself? with others? with God our Father?

who is motivated? ……….and who is inspired?

who is strong?…who has the courage?

to explore what is possible?

to discover what is best?

and keep records?

make changes!!

is that you,









title edit 3.52 am, Tuesday 08/09/2015 added: at this time

edit added at 3.57 am, 08/09/2015 added: make changes!!

edit added at 4.17 am, added to the first line: Canadians:

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this edit added 6.54 am, 10/09/2015, Hello Canada, Hi Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare, fyi, so that you know and so that you understand fully and clearly, God is giving this old guy powerful revelation about health and about wellness and about life and about healthy relationships for my benefit and for the benefit of millions of others who choose to pay attention and decide to listen and start to make the right choices and the correct righteous choices and then follow through   -7.00am. 10th


> there is also excellent help now surfacing for little children from birth to 5 years of age.  7.03 am, 10th.



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