the life challenge is to focus and not be distracted….discover how to get on track and stay on track …! > do not hook, nor slice and do not backslide!

6.09 am 09/09/2015

title edit 6.13 am…..aaaaaaah!……that feels so good to say ” it” with a sense of certainty and with confidence.  6.15am.

if you are interested in how I am today, I’ve been reviewing Rewire your Brain for love and Henry W. Wright’s A More Excellent Way to be in Health.  > what can I glean from their work that I can use myself and > what can I pass on to others as they progress on their life path.

As I move along in my last month as a senior and as I contemplate with exciting anticipation becoming an elder …..soon to be another old guy over 80 …eh!, …..BUT God willing, still active doing most things adults do and still doing what seniors do and even starting a whole new series of ventures and enjoying a most adventurous life that very few elders get to do it seems.

If you’re asking, as I look back, what would I do differently?

I would do what I am doing now but much sooner!

6.42 a.m.


this edit 6.43 am., life is a bit of a puzzle and to solve the challenges that come along, one must look for the exact pieces and put them exactly where they belong and then move along to the next spot that needs attention……again, the right piece.   when it is done right, you know it is done right and you don’t have to think about it anymore.     Who gets my point?   6.48 am./7.05


title edit 6.05 am, 10/09/2015, added life to challenge to read life challenge.


this edit added 6:11,  10/09/2015, ….yes, what would I do differently? Not much, I would do what I’m doing now but with much more diligence and with peace and I’d be serving the LORD with joyfulness and with gladness of heart for all of the GREAT blessings.


this title edit was added 7.24 am, Friday, 11/09/2015        discover how to get on track



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