what will we learn, if together, you and I carefully review Justine’s story…..?

7.38 am, 12/09/2015,

this is not a complicated process,

if, > this edit added 8.31 am, if we are in unity of the spirit > see Ephesians 4:3

if,   it is true that you do want health and wellness and you do desire life

AND you’re not lying     – 8.27 am.

  • 8.11 am., 12/09/2015

you’re asking: “why together?”  OK,  first, see Matthew 18:19-20         -8.22 am.


this edit added 11.44 am, 12/09/2015 > see Psalm 103:3.  do you see? do you understand? do you know what to do? are you ready to do what needs to be done?



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