lost the title will attempt to rewrite it shortly ….put it this way: know no man after the flesh > enter into the spirit

3.03 am., Sunday, 13/09/2015,

3.33am.,  > please see 2 Corinthians 5:16 and 5:17 in an  a.k.j.v.

…………> this edit added 8.05 am, 14/09/2015 my suggestion is that you read these two verses in 2 Corinthians and then read this post a time or two and even ASK the Father in Jesus Name to fully understand the point that is most important to understand here.

3.46 am.,  > see Matthew 9:17   but they put new wine into new bottles            ……………and both are preserved

3.54 am.,  > see John 15:5  > he that abid eth in me and I in him > +

…………..for without me ye can do nothing.   – this edit 4.05 am.,

3.59 am., > now read Colossians 3: 2………..all the way to 3:15

do you see anything new and refreshing today?

do you see what I am being shown?

do you see opportunity?

4.01 am.




with this new insight

what sort of relationships do you want …..now       ….and henceforth?

4.12 am./4.13 am.


so who wants to know more! and to experience all the blessings of change!!

4.20 am.


when I was given the idea for the title…> I looked up 2 Corinthians 5:16 and 5:17…> henceforth know ye no man after the flesh…but rather…know Christ and know others in the spirit ..and receive much fruit and spiritual blessings < +, ++, +++, ++++, +++++ >

4.39 am.


this edit added 7.09 am, Monday, 14/09/2015, * and get to know yourself in the spirit!

this edit added 7.32 am, the key understanding here comes from Matthew 22:27,29 and Mark 12:30,31  …the process is to seek to experience God’s love and then to learn to love ourselves with God’s love not with narcissism and then we are able to love our neighbors as our selves with God’s love in the spirit and not with lust still in the flesh.

does this make any sense yet?   – 7.40 am.



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