Nancy Gibbs is asking: “but who will look after the caregivers?”

5.34 am.15/09/2015/5.43 am.

see Time October 25, 2010 page 76 essay about the coping conundrum.

ASK what is possible and what is doable if we put a little effort into the task?

I read my Bible and Moses is 120, his eye is not dim, nor his natural force abated and he climbs up to the top of Pisgah. I looked it up once and it seems to me that it was a thousand meters high which is what …about 3300 feet ..if one meter is 3.2808399 feet.   as I approach 80, to warm up, I am still able to climb 120 flights of stairs daily or 1080 steps in 20-25 minutes.    I do not go to the gym, I just move about.

this edit added 6.24 am, 15/09/2015, correction, I don’t just move about, I move about lots and I move about mindfully in a very functional way. We have many muscles and they all need to be put to work and used regularly and used correctly to prevent dysfunction and to prevent injury.

> Who knows what I’m talking about here? 6.31 am.


May I ask what is it that many of us or most of us are missing here?

and May I also ask you to seriously consider what we are missing out on?

Now, going back to Nancy Gibbs concern, who is willing to address elder care? and who is ready to seriously address caregiver care?

Who wants to do something meaningful now?

and who wants to wait until Canada goes bankrupt trying to pay for all the care that will be required and needed if present trends continue?

AND who will meet with this old guy, read Psalm 103:3 together and then discuss briefly what needs to be done AND where to start initially in order to bring health and wellness and life into reality for 35.5+ million Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare?  – 6.19 am.


I’m asking again: “who wants health? …wellness? ….life?”


6.41 am.

individuals, couples, families, communities and yes, small groups or large groups are invited to check this out sometime soon while there is still time.

…..why settle for “the good life”….when there is a Better life already fully prepared and it has already been made ready for you and it is waiting just for you. < already made ready for you …. added as an edit, 5.35 am., 16.09.2015  >

  • 6.47 am.


……………..these posts are now completed…7.15 am, 15.09/2015.  wheeeh!




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