would Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull and his staff at the Ottawa acute care hospital work with a still healthy soon to be 80 year old elder with a Canada wide mission?

3.33 am.

I’m signing into my blog at 3.33 am, 16/09/2015,

God willing, in two weeks and two days, on October 2nd, I’ll be 80 years old and God willing, I will still be in good health and getting ready to grow younger and to grow stronger and grow up…..all three are doable after the age of 80…if and when….then…

…it is simple logic….cause and effect….if and when you understand clearly what to do and do what needs doing…OK?….anyone on the same page?  not always easy ,BUT…


this edit added at 4.01 am, 16/09/2015, * point one, > 57% of the action (currently) is around chronic disease management…that is almost 2/3, which is a BIG chunk.


this edit added at 4.06 am, * point two quoted > in a properly organized health-care system, these ALC patients should not remain in hospital….they should go quickly to 1) nursing homes, 2) long term care facilities or 3) to a supervised home-care program.

There is another option which is a 4) healing centre and is the option this soon to be elder advocates and would like to establish as a much better model of good health and wellness and < a better abundant life > for Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare to seek.

………..other options include Doris Inc., by Shirley Roberts

Lynn Posluns’ WBHI

….see A More Excellent Way to be in Health by Henry W. Wright, who discusses separation from God, from yourself and from others and what to do about it. p 216.

………..I invite anyone interested in health and wellness and life to join me when you have time to review how to identify the problems and what to do to change the mindset, attitudes and habits that hold us individually and collectively in bondage.

  • 4.32 am.

…………2/23/2015, through the Saskatoon Public Library, I sent for reprints of the inconvenient truths about Canadian health care….the problem with Canada’s unsustainable health system and the real problem with Canadian health care. 4.47am.


this edit added 4.56 am, 16/09/2015 “who sees all of the pieces of the BIG  picture?”


this edit added 5.21 am, 16/09/2015, if you study the Bible, take time to carefully review Matthew 22:37,39 and Luke 12: 28-30.

______________________                                                                                                  ____________________________________________


this edit added 6.21 am, 16/09/2015  ……..and take time to very carefully and prayerfully and humbly review Matthew 22:37, 39 and Luke 12: 28-30…..and Ask in Jesus name for . . . . .


this edit added at 6.29 am, 16/09/2015 ….Ask in Jesus name to be guided to all truth > see John 16:13 and to the full, complete and correct understanding of 1 Timothy 2:3,4,5


this edit added at 6.49 am. > read and reviewed the post again and no changes were needed! Thank You  Father. Thank You Lord Jesus.   I praise You.  I give You both honour and glory now and for ever!




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