continue to gloss over the problem or look deeper Canada!

gloss over the problem! ….or look deeper!

“what is our choice, Canada?”

5.47 am, 19/09/2015.

what are the options at this time?

what is the BEST option at this time?

(1) a nursing home

(2) a long term care facility

(3) a supervised home-care program

(4) a long term care facility…attached to a nursing home…with family doctors involved

(5) a waiting place where the patient can wait and wait and wait longer and wait more.

(6) make suitable arrangements for continuing long term care outside of existing acute care facilities

(7) a new model of preferred lifestyle options for “healthy living

…………..side by side with…………………………..

(8) an all points model “healing” centre

5.59 am, 19/09/2015.



(9) < a genuine spiritual healing centre >  (attached to a good nursing home).

6.03 am., 19/09/2015.


this edit added 6.39 am, 19/09/2015,  we can learn to recognize potential problems and difficulties which would benefit from early care and offer correction and avoid serious problems and prevent complications….eh!   …………could save a life spiritually if you are interested in spiritual life and you could or we could save the system some money and even save the system for a time, if that is the concern.


this edit added 7.01 am, 19/09/2015, we could help one another learn how to recognize problems and difficulties early and teach one another how to offer excellent correction , by love serve one another and successfully provide quality care.

with holding quality information and understanding is an EVIL way to control others.

this edit added 6.49 am., 26/09/2015 > review Luke 11:52 which I see as a stern warning to leadership in today’s lukewarm church. Also take note of the warning in Revelation 3:16.    I say: “Let’s get with the program guys and gals!”     -6.53 am.

this edit added 6.59 am, 26/09/2015, whywithhold quality information?  and why withhold correct understanding? – 7.01 am.



7.10 am.


this edit added 7.13 am., read Ephesians 4:3, 15, 22, 25 through to Ephesians 5:4.


this edit added: 8.43 am, 19/09/2015, Nancy Gibbs was asking: “but who is looking after the caregivers” first posted September15, 2015.  is this a part of the new health care?


title edits added 6.18 am, 20/09/2015  added continue    added Canada



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