………..yesterday, I obtained a copy of the CMA’s 2010 document Health Care Transformation in Canada.

4.49 am, Saturday, 19/09/2015



Canada……Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare…this is a warning!

you need to pay attention here or you will soon miss out and the proverbial rug will be pulled out from under you and you will suffer dire consequences with no options.

do you want healing? Yes or NO?

do you want health?  wellness?   life?  YES or NO?

in the physical, mental, emotional, social, relationships, spiritual?????

……….the drug addict goes for a quick fix of his distress BUT seldom a cure.

Doris Inc……..draws our attention to our unmet emotional needs and social needs

care providers tell us they feel overworked and are discouraged > next? x, x, X, X!

Canadians claim they wait too long for care…..acute care ……long term care ……and for care along the full continuum of care needed from the very young to the old and frail.

we are told that there are insufficient mechanisms to monitor the system performance

what if we monitor the state of health and wellness and the life of the individual person?

what if we support informal caregivers with quality support and not mediocre support?

who would support my idea of a string of healing centres?

…do community hubs have a place?

shall we become proactive

shall we innovate?


do more?

or remain reactive?

still Canada’s choice at this time.

5.31 am, 19/09/2015 /5.42 am.






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