? the question mark works this morning…what changed?

6.43 am. as you can see…I’m not adept at solving technical problems.

I’m counting on receiving the right help when needed.

I’m believing for my own healing and for the healing of many others.

I’m believing for a healing center for all Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare

I’m enduring.

I’m enduring to the end  > see Matthew 24:13

I’m putting all of my heart into this effort all the way along without the support of others until someone else is enabled to see what I see and agrees and is motivated or inspired to join with me to continue the effort required to move ahead, to overcome every barrier and every block and to succeed!!

this edit added at 6.49 am > see 1 Timothy 4:16                 take heed unto thyself

and unto the doctrine

continue in them:

for in so doing this thou shalt save thyself,

and them that hear thee.

Thank You Father

Thank You Lord Jesus               6.54 am.


read Psalm 103:1-3 with me again today and if we agree, let us pray about it happening for many in Saskatchewan, ……starting this year 2015.   -7.13 am, 22.09.2015.


what must we do individually and what must we do collectively to qualify for both of these blessings?         -7.18 am, 22.09.2015.


…………..oh yes, and what all must we stop doing?  this edit 7.49 am, 22.09.2015.

Thank You Father for giving me back that question mark!





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