Yes, you are all invited to participate ….older adults, seniors and elders too…even frail elders are age limit!

7.25 am, 23/09/2015

this comment added at 7.31 am., 23/09/2015  God is no respecter of persons


this comment added 7.32 -7.37 am, > God takes no pleasure that the wicked should die. > God would much rather all of us choose to return from our evil and wicked ways and live.      see Ezekiel 18:20-32


does this still apply to our age?  I think so. > see Malachi 3:6 and Hebrews 13:8


this comment added 7.49 am., 23/09/2015  > to get a righteous perspective of this process, please read with me Isaiah 57:15 through to Isaiah 59:2.    -7.53 am.


I want to say this again…and again: I am believing for healing and for health for myself and then hopefully for many others of all ages from the newest newborn to the oldest elder. – 7.59 am., 23/09/2015.


I want to say this also again and again: this is a time to restore ourselves spiritually and to do much more to serve God to please God and to give God honour and glory and praise.      – 8.04 am., 23/09/2015.





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