you want perfect peace? Yes, for sure! “God our Father will keep all of us in perfect peace!”

6.52 am, 24/09/2015.

Father, Yes, Thou wilt keep all of us older adults, seniors and elders in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee because we trust in thee.

see Isaiah 26:3       6.56 am, 24/09/2015.  details?  …join me

Thank You Father. Thank You Lord Jesus for the great abundance of blessings!

Thank You for the kingdom of God with righteousness and peace and with joy in the Holy Ghost. 7.00 am, 24/09/2015


You are the LORD my God which daily teacheth me to profit and moment by moment leadeth me by the way that I should go. > see Isaiah 48:17,  7.20 am, 24/09/2015.


this edit added 7.29 am, 24/09/2015,                      again and again and again  . . . . . it is          if   and when        …then

> do you recognize the pattern?


this edit added 8.53 am, 25/09/2015, if we are at all interested in teaming up and willing to take the time, two or three of us could look closely together at Psalm 16:11, where it is a promise to be shown the path of life and we are told where to find fulness of joy and pleasures for evermore.   – 8.59 am.



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