“if wishes were horses, how many Canadians would ride in style?….eh?”

7.21 am, 26/09/2015.

What does it take to motivate Canadians to do what is sorely needed at this time?

…   I believe that it is actually not that difficult, if and when we, you and I have the right information and correct understanding to work with,

AND,  …   if and when we are sufficiently motivated and inspired to do what needs doing  …eh!   – 7.39 am.

Father, what am I to do today that will help?  in Jesus name I ASK and I pray .

  • – 7.28 am, 26/09/2015.


…………………..who is interested? … individuals!   … couples!    …small or large groups!!      … care workers?     –  7.44 am.,   26/09/2015.



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