if you are interested in doing your best to get with the program > then > … I will do my best to help you do it!

7.49 am, 26/09/2015,

if you are interested in doing your best to get with the program, then I am going to offer to give you your own personalized daily manual to work with…………………day by day………………..hour by hour…………………. and even minute by minute…………….whatever it takes to succeed…to achieve…………to overcome   – added 8.27 am, 26/09/2015.

just had my post gobbled up by a flashing blue light, so will start again.

fyi … we need patience and we must be ready and willing to endure the interruptions and barriers without getting all bent out of shape!  …offended in any way….or even a spec annoyed…..content edit added 6.20 am, 29/09/2015.

7.49 am, 26/09/2015,

Sir, Ma’am, if you are interested in doing your very best to get with the program

what I will do for you is help you prepare your very own special customized beginners manual of the key steps to help you get yourself established on the right path to healing and to health and to wellness and even to eternal life! – now 7.57 am.


this title edit added 8.09 am, 26/092015  > if at all possible, I would like to help you get started right and to assist you to get started righteously also, if that is at all possible! ……I’m looking at Galatians 5:13, Isaiah 58,  and a long list of the essential steps which I believe will enable each and every one of us to go on to perfection in spirit and in truth, > see Hebrew 6:1, – it is now 8.12 am. and we must include John 4:24 in this review, > this edit added 8.49 am.


this content edit added 5.44am. 01/10/2015, read with me prayerfully John 14:6, Hebrews 6:1 and Hebrews 7:25  – 5.47 am.




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