Sir, Ma’am, if you want liberty for yourself and for others >what must you know? and what must you do?

5.22 am, 26/09/2015.

this edit added 5.25 am, 26/09/2015, > if you will put on the brakes for just a few minutes today and join me for a brief spell, the Lord gave me a special treat this morning to share with you:

I was taken to 2 Corinthians 3:17, and 2 Corinthians 3:16, to Galatians 5:1….  then to John 8:12, John 8:31,32 and John 8:36. There is a connection and these pieces fit together to give us valuable meaning and a necessary understanding. – 5.37 am.

if we learn what to do and/or are shown and then with understanding apply the information correctly do you see what can be gained? … do you see liberty?  … do you see freedom?  do you realize that you do not have to be in bondage to this or to that or to the other and longer? … or ever again!

…  but then again, you must know what to do! and you must do it!

…   you can do this all on your own, but a good coach can help you lots.

…   are we communicating?

and will we connect?, you and I?    >   X x x x,  . . ,     > …   ,      >

5.53 am. 26/09/2015./6.04 am.,


this edit added 6.08 am., 26/09/2015, “does today’s information and today’s additional understanding help?”   – 6.09 am.


this edit added 6.20 am, 26/09/2015, if and when you come to believe, then all barriers can be eliminated and all of the blocks can be overcome one by one and in bunches too.


would like to add a content edit, but got a request for help 5.25 pm, 29/09/2015 will stop now and come back later….back, now 5.44 pm, patience is a great blessing. not getting upset with interruptions and setbacks is a great blessing. Thank You Father. Thank You Lord Jesus.


received another request to do an errand…now 6.35 pm.  what I wanted to point out was that if and when we help one another > both of us will be blessed > see James 5:16.






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