let us come boldly to the really good part! …eh!

7.28 am, Monday, 28/09/2015,

title edit 7.35 am.

…  come boldly … come with strength and come without fear.

. . . . .    > …    now, my arrow key is sticking today as you can see.

edit added at 8.03 pm, 28/09/2015.  update >

OK, what do I see as my role in this process from here on in?

7.36 am, > if we were to review where you are at in this life! … and if we were to openly discuss what you feel that you need? and what you want?

About me and about this initiative:

1/. I am seeking healing for myself and for others too. “Is that you?”

2/, I am seeking health and wellness and eternal life for myself and for others also.

3/, I am ready to share with others what I am learning.  -7.49 am.

4/, in my view up to a certain point, Christians are merely treading water and making little gain in the spirit or in truth and little solid forward progress. BUT, there comes a point where “GREAT” change becomes possible, if and when we individually and collectively understand what to do and work up the courage to do what is needful individually and collectively. Let me say this one more time: there are many things we must choose on our own to do, BUT there are a few things we must do together with other believers who are on the same page and not in different worlds.

5/,  My hope is  that you do see this * and that you do agree.

> this edit added 6.45 am, 01/10/2015 *   > * soon     – 6.47 am.

6   /, God willing, although I become an 80 year old elder this Friday, I will continue and help make all of the needed understanding available to you and to those working with you on any aspect of your health, your wellness and your spiritual life.         -8.27 am, 28/09/2015.

7/, My Hope is that you do see this and that you do agree and that you do choose to actively participate in all aspects of a full and complete program.     – 7.36 am, 29/09/2015.   – 3.03 pm., 30/09/2015



………………….I`m getting lots of interruptions this morning, which actually is a good sign.   Thank You Father for teaching me patience and >Thank You Jesus for building my faith and for all of the healing done so far.  -8.43 am.


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