in the end, when all has been said and all has been done, what is the secret? and what is the key?

5.29 am, Tuesday, 29/09/2015,

this edit added 5.34 am > if and when you have the time to meet face to face, I’ve got the time to meet with you for 5 or 10 minutes which is long enough and sufficient time to see if we agree on key points.

if initially we do agree on a few key points,

> as examples: 1 Timothy 2:3,4,5, 2 Peter 3:9, John 3:16 and John 10;10

< check > < check >  < check > < check >             these < check > edits  added 4.44 am 09/10/2015




I’m willing to offer to help you Sir or you Ma’am the opportunity to develop and implement your very own customized action plan!  -5.39 am.


this edit added 5.43 am, know this that the key and the secret to this initiative is that you and I must see eye to eye and agree to seek God’s guidance each and every step of the way until each and every required step is completed perfectly….eh!

posted at 5.45 am. with some content edit 5.55 am.






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