2, my very last day in the city as a senior was peaceful and eventful … details to follow

4.07 am, 02/10/2015 /4.23 am

had a chance to do some proactive banking taking out some cash for a service I receive but the provider doesn’t take credit card payment and toonies for downtown parking next week.    -4.43 am.


met Joe at McClure Place. He knew that guy in my newly purchased Fall Prairie North magazine, so I gave him my copy and went back later for another copy for myself. I think I will go back and visit Joe again.


purchased two copies of the way of the wild heart, Thomas Nelson 2006 by John Eldredge. God willing, it will become a valuable resource to some of the people I will be connecting to and connecting with in the near future.     > Who sees the fit?


> fyi, this fellow is founder of Ransomed Heart, a ministry helping men and women discover the heart of God. > something I know would be a very good thing for many couples and their families and their communities and in the long run for all Canadians in all parts of Canada. -4.55 am. > who sees the fit now? – 5.21 am.


I see that he has a manual which is said to be a guide to use to assist in absorbing and using the ideas with illustrations and probing questions. Sounds like it fits in with my thinking about how to help others see and understand and apply the specific action steps required to change our thinking, (mindset) our hearts (attitudes) and our daily habits so that we are enabled  < and *empowered spiritually > to make the corrective changes stick.  – 5.02 am.


I hope that you see the need for *spiritual empowerment!  -5.10 am.


if you would come with me to page 6 of the Fall  2015 issue of Prairies North magazine to Laura Anderson’s  email concerning what Josh Beckman of Precision Safety Services has done over the past 10 years.


the scripture the Lord spoke to me this morning before I even got out of bed was       > Feed my lambs  > Feed my sheep > Feed the flock of God which is among you. . . . .  and …  >>> go find my other sheep – 5.37 am.




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