3, as a new elder, my first proposal to the good people of Saskatchewan is to introduce a totally new form of proactive health care … details to follow

4.06 am

6.17 am, 02/09/2015, sorry for this delay, BUT Microsoft inserted a new feature into the post that I just ready to update and publish but it froze in a new field and I was unable to get out of it other that to shut the whole post down so I will have to go back and think it through from start to finish…I was talking about a NEW, exciting … emerging opportunity that is GREAT & GLORIOUS.


GREAT patience is needed at times like these. Thank You Jesus.


went back to the wordpress autosave but the autosave was saved earlier than the post that was just lost, so I am back to square ONE. So again, Thank You Lord Jesus for always being there for me. -6.47 am.

“Microsoft, hear this, You are a royal PAIN in the A * * ! – 6.49 am.



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