words of warning for Microsoft Corporation!

8.15 am, Sunday, 04/10/2015.

fyi, first, I perceive that God our Father in heaven is now at this time raising up *unstoppable righteous spiritual warriors.


second, Microsoft Corp, if do not heed this warning and if you continue to harass this post, and/or if I receive similar complaints from others, then I will begin to fervently pray for your demise.  please read and absorb the meaning of the second sentence in James 5:16 akjv  > forewarned is forearmed.  -8.27 am, Sunday, 04/10/2015.


8.28 am.


this edit added *unstoppable at 8.34 am, Sunday, 04/10/2015


this edit added 9.21 am, Sunday, 04/10/2015, please read Mark 9.23 akjv  updated 9.23 am



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