Ontario, give me 24 hours in one location, 5 days in a second location and 3 weeks in a third location to demonstrate what is easily doable and demo in public amazing early results!!

3.44 am/4.30 am, Tuesday, 06/10/2015.

a simple yes or a no is all that is required.  -4.32 am.

Ontario, I think you are keenly interested, but I could be wrong. -4.33 am.


this title edit added in public. 4.43 am.


so what’s the bottom line?  Sir?  Ma’am?


Are you interested or not?  -4.49 am.


Ontario, the topic is your current and your future health and your wellness and  your life -4.56 am. …edit 5.28 am.


Ontario, the topic under consideration is your current and your future physical health, your emotional wellness and your spiritual life. – 5.33 am.


Attention Ontario, this edit added 6.10 am, 06/10/2015 > please see September 30th post titled: consider your options early and learn to do the BEST planning possible.  – 6.12 am.



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