is it buyer beware or seller beware when a Saskatchewan elder buys “a road worthy” used car?

12.34 am., /1.34 am Thursday, 08/10/2015 title edit 1.39 am 1.44 am

What is needed here is reliable information in regards to what all needs to be verified before a purchase is made. I need a reliable vehicle which will not require expensive repairs.

who has a list ready?

Yesterday, I saw a vehicle which caught my eye. I was told it was road worthy! If it is roadworthy, I can afford the price. But not if it breaks down and requires multiple repair.

what do I look for or better yet what do I have my experienced friend look for and what do I ask the seller to confirm and verify in writing.

one example would be: there are no liens, confirmed and verified in writing.

if the front end had work and the rear end had work, what exactly was done?bearings?, brakes?, alignment?, tie rods? I would not understand what I was told but I would rely on what the seller would tell me and on what my friend would know and would share with me.

Went on the internet and reviewed 50 sites discussing and addressing vehicle inspection and then I talked to a friend who has purchased many used vehicles and knows what all can go wrong and knows how to trouble shoot.

In my view, there is a need for a website which can provide reliable information on this topic. What do I know about a road worthy used vehicle? With my low income, I cannot afford a new car.  – 2.02 am.  Nor can I afford a used car that breaks down and requires extensive repair. – 2.13 am.

Any readers willing to add helpful content? if I were to set up a site?

what is a good name for such a site?  -2.18 am.


this edit added 2.27 am, renewed my five year SGI driver’s licence yesterday.  – 2.28 am – I’m hoping to get around the Province of Saskatchewan over the next few years.  – 2.30 am. I need a reliable  vehicle. what do I need in my trunk … eh?  … and what do I need in my back seat?  -2.33 am.


this edit added 2.35 am, 08/10/2015, are there any Saskatchewan communities interested in having an elder gym or a healing center established in their village? or in their small town? -2.38 am.


who wants to renew and restore? … who wants to restore their health? their wellness? and their life? and then * do much more?  -This edit added 2.43 am.


this edit added 3.11 am, 08/10/2015, older Canadians need to see what other adults and older adults and seniors and elders can do. > how many people from Saskatchewan are willing to volunteer this year in 2015?  > 50? >100? 500?  even … 10 brave souls from one small town to get this big ball rolling … eh? – 3.19 am.

______________________    3.23 am.

this content edit *and then prepare and get ready to do much more – 3.29 am, 08/10/2015. > see above.


this content added 3.33 am, 08/10/2015, again, in my view, what Canada needs is role models who demonstrate what can be easily be done and exactly how to get started and how to continue on. – 3.35 am


this content edit added 4.18 am, 08/10/015, If even one community starts soon, is it possible and reasonable to persuade two other small towns or villages to follow suit within months over this coming winter of 2015-2016? – 4.26 am.

________________________ 4.32 am.

this content edit 4.36 am. > serve your community and serve Canada > become a role model for good health, for wellness, for life and more – 4.37am.





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