if an elder can do it, … can adults and older adults and can seniors do it too!

2.35 am, 09/10/2015,   – from 2.35 am to 5.04 am, 09/10/2015.

is it possible for me to grow younger and stronger as I get older in age?

is it doable in small town Saskatchewan?

is it equally doable in Ontario?

_____________draw a line here _________ 2.40 am., 09/10/2015, ___

is an active healthy lifestyle possible at my age?

this content edit added 2.43 am, 09/10/2015, see 2 Timothy 2:7 which reads: For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love and of a sound mind.  -2.46 am.


so who are you going to believe? -2.47 am.


My question to Saskatchewan is this: is there a small town or a village or a community interested in establishing the first healing center in Canada.

Canadians, review Matthew 21:21,22 with me.


My question to Ontario is this: do you want to continue pouring Billions of dollars into upgrading your acute health care and start pouring Billions of dollars more into many new and costly long term health care services and facilities or do you want to strike out in a fresh new direction and pioneer a fresh new restore your health and restore your wellness and restore your spiritual life initiative …


…                with a venturesome new elder like me?


… yesterday, I climbed my usual 120 flights of stairs in the morning but in the afternoon between 4.00 pm and 5 pm, twice I went down 4 flights of stairs and back up 4 flights of stairs carrying  a 15 pound bag of potatoes. I was mindful of good posture and alignment and alternated carrying the bag first with my right and then with my left hand.  If you are wondering what was that about? Be aware that we have important posture muscles which benefit from “proper” use and from “correct” training. – please refer to the 7.21 -7.32 am edit below

As these muscles get stronger, I expect to gradually increase the weight.

I expect to get stronger and get younger as I get older.

3.20 am.


Sir, Ma’am, what do you expect as you get older? -3.24 am.


this edit added 3.33 am, 09/10/2015, perhaps on a long waiting list waiting impatiently for ALC in an acute care hospital somewhere far from the comforts of your very own home and a long way from your community…eh?  – 3.37 am.


this content edit added 3.42 am, 09/10/2015, Ontario, we all have a superior alternative and you have the exact same option too! > join me for 5 or 10 minutes some day soon and let us review together Ezekiel 18:20-32. This is the message, the pastor in Winnipeg would not allow me to share with his ushers nor with his congregation some 18 years ago. -3.47 am.  > what I told the Winnipeg pastor  was this : nice sermon pastor, but you left out one key point which is covered in Luke 13:3.   …instantly!, the pastor became very upset with me!      -3.53 am.


if all of these blessings are possible for me are they not also available to all adults in their 50s, older adults in their 60s, seniors in their 70s, other elders in 80s and perhaps even frail elders in their 90s? … that adds up to 50 years of good health and wellness and life if       …   we go for it!  – 4.01 am.


who is thinking “Yes, let’s go for it … and let us go for it …now!” -4.08 am.  … while there is still time and before it is too late!


this content added 4.44 am, 09/10/2015 >three (3) check edits were added to the September 29th post   ” in the end when all is said    ”  > a good post to review at this point in time.  – 4.48 am,


“Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for guiding me and teaching me to understand You and Your truths and for leading me and empowering me to do what You want me to do for You Father and for You Lord Jesus.”  -4.59 am., 09/10/2015.


> this edit added 6.33 am, 09/10/2015, what crossed my mind was 2 Corinthians 6:16-7:1 and Titus 2:14,15, …and now I’ll add Matthew 6:33


this edit added 6.49 am, 09/10/2015, Just got a very strong prompting to add Matthew 9:12,13 and Matthew 9:17 to the above list. – 6.52 am


this edit added 7.21 am, 09/10/2015, does it come as a surprise to you Sir or to you Ma’am that God our Father in heaven who created us would tell an elder gentleman like me things about correct fitness and proper training that none of the world’s finest and best experts would know about. – 7.32 am


this comment added 7.45 am, 09/10/2015, the blog stats tell us that there have been 32 articles written in the last 10 days, so there is definitely some interest in what is being posted, but I have no idea yet, if the interest is red hot or icy cold -7.48 am.



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