“am I making sense to anyone yet? … or am i not?”

354 am., 10/10/2015,

what I got this morning at 3.21 am which prompted me to get up and not roll over and go back to sleep was that our sickness and illness is in our spirit and in our soul and in our physical bodies all at the same time > spirit, soul and body > we are ill in our heads and in our hearts and then our illness just moves in on our bodies . . . . . . no holds barred!

do we just sit and wait or do we make a noble effort to find the solution?

so what is the answer to our dilemma and what is the best cure?

do we lie down and cry or do we give it a serious try?

4.05 am.

________________may I offer Canadians something new today?

>  how about free care for a tired care giver or two?  give you both a break. I still have plenty of energy and I do need functional activity to maintain my strength. -4.22 am.    …perhaps a win/win situation for both of us. I can travel.

OR, if you are a brave soul and have the time to share, I’ll drop by for an hour and review with you 2 Thessalonians 5:23. I would be ready to pray that the very God of peace sanctify you wholly; and I would pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.     -4.33 am, 10/10/2015.


this edit added 4.44 am, 10/10/2015, I  was reading the other day about back packs that hold all of the gear needed for a 5 day camp out. If I were to prepare to do this, how far could I hitch hike down the Trans Canada Highway and then off a bit somewhere along the way?  > sounds to me like something worth getting ready for.  > the idea is appealing.  > sounds like fun. >  Father, do you approve? I’m asking in Jesus name.  – do  You have a challenging assignment ready for me? – 4.49 a.m.


this edit added 5.08 am, 10/10/2015,    somewhere here in Saskatchewan?          or  …a neat place in the heart of Ontario?  -5.10 am.  … or ?    -5.12 am.


this edit added 5.15 am, 10/10/2015, a community hub here in Saskatchewan or in Ontario or in any other province across Canada could become the first of a long string of powerful healing centres and help to radically change our health care system for the better!   – 5.20 am.  ….any takers? 5.26 am.


> here’s a thought, I’ll buy that used car that caught my eye the other day or another one that’s better yet and I’ll investigate what to put in the trunk. > as a proactive measure in case of a minor breakdown such as a flat tire. Then, I’ll put together that 5 day camp out back pack and put it in the back seat as a proactive measure in case of a major breakdown where I am forced to abandon the car somewhere along the trail. That way, I can continue on my way!  … without any further delay! – 5.43 am., Saturday, 10/10/2015.


> here is another thought. > if you are hoping and praying for a healing? if you have a real strong and sincere desire to become healthy and well again, it may just be that if you and I got together for one hour that the Holy Spirit would tell me in that same hour what to tell you to do to bring you healing or get you started in the righteous direction. > see Luke 12:12 akjv – 6.06 am, 10/10/2015.


this edit added 6.31 am, Saturday, 10/10/2015 “Father, in Jesus name, should I take up cross country skiing as soon as possible, so that I am ready for a GREAT adventure You want me to experience on a long trip or two?” edit 6.44 am


> just reviewed the Quebec Heritage Web’s life story of the famous cross country skier from the Canadian Laurentians,    …   Mr. Herman “Jackrabbit” Smith Johannsen.   He was an active cross country skier until a very old age.  > take the time to check it out! > you’ll be amazed! – take note of how he enjoyed adventure and note how often he helped people get more out of their life also! – 7.33 am., 10/10/2015.


this content added at 6.24 am, Sunday, 11/10/2015, “Father, where do I begin? 1/, Saskatchewan? 2/, Ontario? 3/, the Laurentians? … and when?” – 6.33 am.



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