God willing, I’ll have a full year to prepare for my new assignment!

9.09 am, 10/10/2015,

there was a time when I was much younger when I would run a marathon every morning before breakfast.

Now I climb up and down just120 flights of stairs before breakfast.

I don’t track the countless other times during the day I climb up and down.

Yet, I’m being shown that I/we need to do much more.

we all need more work on our stabilizer muscles.

and gluteal muscles need special attention.

> ask me to explain to you why a 20K hike in the Laurentian Mountains is such an excellent exercise. – 9.45 am, 10/10/2015. > are the wheels turning yet?  -9.57 am.


title edit added 3.21 am Sunday, 11/10/2015 > added full



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