why are many called and only a few chosen? time to talk turkey! … eh!

3.21 am, Sunday, 11/10/2015,

… so many choices to make       and …so many decisions to make

… how do we choose which path to follow?

… how do we decide which steps to take?

…  see the 4.40 am edit below!    do you realize that little details can make the difference between easy success and constant failure …eh! – 4.56 am

. . . . . who will pick man’s way each and every time?

> …      >>…                        >>> who will choose God’s way?

join me today for 5 or 10 minutes to review Psychology Today, January/February 2014, Volume 47, No 1 > first the Cliffside Malibu ad on page 2 and then on page 85 the JCAHO-accredited Cliffside Malibu program at a glance with details and the price $53,000+ for 30 days  -3.46 am.

see Best in Treatment page 80. Psychology Today has created a directory of facilities offering the Best in Treatment. Browse all 1000+ treatment facilities @ http://www.psychologytoday.com.  – 3.50 am.


Canada, here is a thought for the thoughtful thinkers, what if God is willing to honour my prayer at this time, because of my willing obedience, because of my faith without fear and because of my continuing righteous efforts to establish genuine healing centres in Saskatchewan, Ontario and as of now in the Canadian Laurentians …         – 4.06 am., 11/10/2015.

____________________________________ “any solid interest yet?”

this is a direct quote: According to the National Institutes of Health, tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs cost the country over $600 billion a year.


and this is a second direct quote: No price can be put on the cost to individual lives and to families ravaged by addiction.  – 4.12 am., 11/10/2015.


this content edit added 4.16 am, 11/10/2015,        … OK, Sir/Ma’am, if you do want to know why many are called and only a few are chosen? What is the secret that is escaping the US and what is the secret that is escaping most of us here in Canada?  If and when you have 5 or 10 minutes to chat and if you are honest and sincere with me and open and if God is willing, I will make every effort to make myself available to answer you fully in a way you do understand. – 4.22 am.


edit added 4.35 am, Sunday, 11/10/2015, added thoughtful thinkers.


I was prompted to add this particular edit at 4.40 am, 11/10/2015:and then exactly how to step when we take each step so that we do stay on track and we do make progress and we do not hook, we do not slice and we do not backslide …eh!  – 4.49 am.        and this edit added 5.08 am, 11/1-/2015 we stay healthy and avoid illness, disease, dysfunction and serious injury.      –   5.10 am.


this content added at 5.29 am, has anyone figured out why the time is noted when an edit is added? or a change is made?   -5.33 am.


inserted: as of now  at 5.43 am, Sunday, 11/10/2015.



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