this post provides invaluable information and necessary insight which can lead to knowledge and understanding which if applied will help Canadians stay active and maintain excellent health as adults, older adults, seniors, elders and even benefit immensely the oldest and the frailest Canadian elders!

6.17-6.22 am, Monday, 12/10/2015,

title edit 6.53 a.m. /12/10/2015: added necessary to insight.


It is my belief that we can learn how to help ourselves and that we can learn how to help one another and that we should do both and then restore others* and after that … we ought to do even more. – 7.06 am, 12/10/2015.


this added 7.11 am, 12/10/2015, * – who will read Isaiah 42:22 and Isaiah 58:1 to Isaiah 59:2 every day for a few days?     …   …           >>> and keep yourself written notes.


this content edit added 7.15 am, 12/10/2015, then who will carefully read Galatians 5:13,14, Matthew 22:37,39, Luke 12:28-31 and James 4:17 daily for a few more days after that?


my BEST advice to everyone who wants results and to all with that strong desire for success: is that you spend quality quiet time here and that you listen carefully.  – 8.28 am/8.35 am./8.45 am./8.48 am.


anyone on the same page as I’m on? -7.25 am.


I’m starting this content edit at 7.47 am, 12/10/2015, one essential topic is: how to identify movement and posture problems which lead to gluteal muscle imbalance and then what to do to correct the inevitable problems and how to prevent serious injury.


first, we need accurate and well presented information to convey the necessary understanding. – 7.56 am.


then we need 10-20 seconds per thought to put clear and full understanding into our short term memory, not by somebody rattling off words at a rapid rate or mumbling off to the side – 7.59 am.


there are 13 problems identified in my personal notes … the first one is that most of us are asymmetrical because of incorrect movement habits  – 8.05 a.m.


then we develop comfortable asymmetrical patterns for common daily routine tasks – 8.13am.


AND …    …                   we do not know that we are in trouble and no one is ready or willing or able to tell us in the unique way that each one of us as the unique individuals which we were created to be, are able to accept. – 8.15 am.

> this edit added 9.04 am, 12/10/2015   do you see > except … and until  …       and unless  >>>    and if and when  >>>  we agree,  then


9.09 title edit  in added to valuable to change valuable  into invaluable.


do you see?

do you agree with me?

are we ready to communicate?

and are we willing and able to connect??

____________________________________ ?

AND one more thought: come with me to 1 Thessalonians 5:23!

___________________________________________________ .  !.!

just a little more at 9.44 am, 12/10/2015, Thank You Father for teaching me to profit and for leading me by the way that I should go and for spending quality time with me when I stop, relax, sit still focus and think of You. – this edit added 7.30 am, 16/10/2015. Thank You Father! Thank You Lord Jesus!


Thank You Holy Spirit for guiding me into all truth, for showing me things to come and for teaching me to glorify Jesus.


Thank You Lord Jesus for all You have done for me and for all You continue to do for me hourly every day. Thank You for building my faith and for teaching me more and more patience and for strengthening me to bring forth much fruit! -9.55 am.





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