Father, in Jesus name I’m asking: what can I do to please you most? … even to delight you endlessly!

6.43 am, Tuesday, 13/10/2015   – 6.44 am./6.47am

this content added 6.49 am, Tuesday,13/10/2015, Father, I do want to get to know YOU better and to know Jesus > I’m working on improving my relationships with those I meet here, there and everywhere and making a serious effort to communicate and an all out effort to connect. I believe that I am making meaningful progress. -6.53 am. in some cases that is, edit added – 7.51 pm, 26/10/2015.


BUT, there is  a great reluctance in people to get past “Hi, how are you?”  -6.56 am.


there is no sharing of thoughts or feelings and no mutual seeking You Father -6.57 > see 8.57 am content edit below – 8.57 am.


NOW, what I am getting from the Holy Spirit is that it is good to serve one another by love but then we need to turn to You and open up to You and willingly receive Your love so we can turn around and share the love You give us with enthusiasm with whoever You bring in our path. Father, is this correct? Is this the righteous thing for me to do to please You? -7.02 am.


again, I’m looking at Titus 2:14, Galatians 5:13,14, Isaiah 42:22, Isaiah 58:1 to Isaiah 59:2, and Hebrews 7:25 and I’m asking: “Father, in Jesus name, where do I start? and when?”  – 7.11 am.

____________________________  7.23 am.

____________________________________ ?/?, 7.29 am.

_____________________________________________ 7.47 am

2 or 3 locations in Saskatchewan?

2 or 3 locations in Ontario?

perhaps a choice location in the Laurentians?


I’m believing for my own healing as I draw nigh to You Father and as I learn to willingly obey and I’m believing for a *healing centre for others for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, for breast cancer and Fibromyalgia, for Scoliosis and asthma and for all other illnesses and diseases as others are taught and learn to make the right choices with their heads and with their hearts and as they choose to follow through  > …    >>…               >>>      8.01 am, 13/10/2015.


this content * edit added 8.14 am, 13/10/2015 > Father, I’m believing for one main healing center or for several connected healing centers. -8.18 am., //… – 8.24 am., /    /… – 8.44 am.


this content edit added 8.57 am., 13/10/2015, it seems that people want to retreat into their own comfort zone. why? perhaps they feel safe, secure and  ___?, or _____? and  _________________?


this content added at 9.10 am, 13/102015, I’m reminded of Matthew 9:13 and Matthew 18:19,20.  who will join me for 5 or 10 minutes and draw nigh to God with me to seek His presence and to seek His PEACE in the unity of spirit and in the bond of peace? – 9.20 am.


this content added 9.37 am, 13/10/2015. Sir/Ma’am, you are welcome to join me for 5 or 10 minutes or for as long as it takes to cover the outline to be presented now. I’m seeking healing for myself and for others. I am drawing nigh to God. Do you want to join me or if NOT, I will continue to go it alone. I have just been prompted to review the following 9 Bible verses:  First, I want to seek God’s perfect PEACE > Isaiah 26:3 tells us what is needed > if our mind is stayed on God the Father because we trust in Him, we will be blessed and kept in perfect peace.  -9.47 am

_________________ want more?  got that free time to seek God?

_________________ who wants their breast cancer healed? -9.53 am

_________________ got time to read Psalm 103:3 together? -9.56 am.

_________/       /___________, I’m back briefly for just a moment

________a third powerful scripture is Isaiah 26:9___, 7.55 am, 16/10/2015.

___ God willing, ___ I will patiently and joyfully endure the barriers and setbacks ____ and will complete this project … perfectly as I listen and learn and willingly obey each and every single step of the way ___8.03 am, 16/10/2015


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