Father, with Your blessing and with Your OK, I will attempt to do whatever pleases You!

________7.13 am, Wednesday, 14/10/2015___________,

what if I take a bus and visit a small town further east in Saskatchewan one week and another small town further west another week … I’ll bring some things that may be of interest to those seeking health and wellness and bring some fruit along such as my growing spiritual patience and pick up some grapes and other fruits as a treat from a local grocery store for those who might want to talk about You.  – 7.28 am.


This content added 7.30 am, 14/10/2015. I’ve learned lots since my Winnipeg experience especially the last few months and with Your presence going along with me, I believe that I can address however I am received from red hot to chilly cold.

_________________________ 7.35 am. ___

_____________ 7.49 am. _____________

I still have 65 Bibles to give away.

_____________ 7.52 am. _____________

I’m thinking a lot about what I can say and do that will get more people wanting to know You and turning and returning to You and who would want to seek and search for You willingly and diligently with all of their hearts.

_____________ 8.06 am. _____

what does it mean to be guided into all truth day by day and then hour by hour and then minute by minute?


how does one through the Spirit mortify the deeds of the body and so live?


if we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together?


how does one come to You through Jesus and then are saved to the uttermost?

________________ 8.31 am., / /,  … / /  …               /  /__________

Sir/Ma’am, there is a season to prepare and there is a time to get ready and then comes a major change and a shift! Why be left behind? Why miss all of the blessings? or … why be left out?

_____   >>> __________  >>> ___________ 8.36 am.

Father, are there 10 couples at this time  and 35 individuals who want to hear what You would have me speak to them and who would want to see what You would have me show them at this time? – 8.55 am.


this content added 9.15 am, 14/10/2015, Father, how do I qualify and how do others qualify to receive the two blessings of Psalm 103:3 to have all of our sins forgiven? and to have all of our illnesses and diseases healed? -9.21 am.


this content added 10.45 am., 14/10/2015, Father, how are we enabled to gain the blessings of 1 Thessalonians 5:23?  > that You sanctify us wholly and > that our whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ – 10.56 am.


title edit 11.01 am, 14/10/2015 > removed I will continue to put my money where my mouth is … eh! > to I will  do whatever pleases You! – 11.03am. >  added attempt to do -11.09 am.


it’s a new day!

Father, I would like to ask You in Jesus name if I should turn this blog into a website? Is that a good idea at this time?  What if I do what I’ve been talking about doing for some time which is first to articulate and then illustrate and thirdly demonstrate beginner and intermediate steps to get us started and settled in the right righteous direction for each individual person …. something which would work for all ages ….and for all stages … eh!        -5.35 am., 15/10/2015.


How tofind perfect PEACE! …  and what steps to take to find the fullness of JOY!


How to overcome chaos and confusion!!


How to overcome contention and strife!!   … within our family … with friends and at work too.  – 6.05 am.  even in a nursing home or in a care home. -6.06 am.

______________________ / /_____ / / ________5.43 am., 15/10/2015

…     >>…                   


>>   . . . . .

_________________/    /___________


> >>    +, ++,  +++,


______________________/       /______

>>>     < +++++ >


– 5.47 am,  15/10/2015.


Father, I’m trying to understand exactly how this works physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, spiritually and at the same time interpersonally when we as individuals and if and when two or three will endeavour to come together in Jesus name and in the unity of the Spirit and in the bond of peace and will work together in Jesus Name to do the word and the work and Your will Father.   – 6.31 am. 15/10/2015.







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