it is a New Day! … and there is a NEW way opening up for you Sir and for you Ma’am, if you will learn what to do! … and how to do all of it … righteously!

6.39 am, 15/10/2015,

learn how to experience perfect PEACE!

… find the fullness of JOY!

say good bye to chaos

…  just let confusion go


for  the rest of your life!


there’s more …         


… no need for contention!

… put an end to all of the strife!

if you get this far,                                                                               take one deep breath and know that you are prepared to move on

…  ________________//___________/     /_

and then, and if and when … ,   …            , >>> ,  >>> ,  >>> ,

____________________________________ 7.35 am. ______

Yes, you can learn how to do it all and yes you can learn how to do it all righteously

____________________7.42 am._______

_______edit > > >  7.06 am, 16/10/2015____


__this edit added 8.12 pm, 17/10/2015___


Think about it. What understanding is needed? and what action is required? >ASK Our Father, what understanding is needed and what action is required. we must be willing to seek and search diligently until all of the the righteous answers come! -8.19 pm.



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