pass the salt and pepper please, … and some other rules of engagement …eh!

6.02 am, Friday, 16/10/2015,__________

_________//_6.20 am., 16/10/2015____

I believe that building and maintaining healthy relationships is essential to a person’s health and to their wellness and to their spiritual life, even past 80.

my understanding is: “good communication” is a necessary ingredient for one’s health from the age of one and all the way through this life even past the age of 101. – 6.26 am.,


so my question is:  >”Father, how is that accomplished?”


“What must I know and understand and what all must I do?”

______________ 6.33 am___________

what do I do individually?


what do I do together with one or more others?

______________ 6.36 am ___________


___the following edit was added 4.56 am, 21/10/2015_


what must I do individuallyÉ


and what must I do together with one or more othersÉ


as you can see I lost my question mark.

________this edit added 21é10é2015 at 5.25 am___

the reader has the opportunity here to graciously overlook this fault as the error is not intended.


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