Ladies and gentlemen, silver which is selling at $20.00 per ounce currently is said to be “a buy!”

7.00 am/7.04 am, Sunday, 18/10/2015

I suspect that this post is for one or two people only.

I’ve been there and done that before many time, … // . . . . .   // >>> no more!

if a financial crisis does come… and then a correction … who is fully prepared?

who does all of their homework? and who among us, then proactively prepares?

is this report based on the truth and current reality? or is it based on fiction?

question: who will enquire at the mouth of the LORD? see Joshua 9:14,15

________________   whichever choice you make, If you are in line for the spoiling of your goods, < see Hebrews 10:34 > that would be a good thing and a blessing for you! ask me about my experience. I’ve been there,  … and I’m getting over it. -7.35 am., Sunday, 18/10/2015.                   _______________


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