… and let us add applying the correct information and putting our “quality” understanding to the test … eh!

3.49 am., Tuesday, 20/10/2015.

__________ what I see is a few 70 and 80 year old volunteers stepping forward and demonstrating for all of Saskatchewan what can be accomplished if and when the actions required for the desired changes are taken. There are many little things and simple things which if taken together make a huge difference. -3.55 am.



when the 60 year olds and the 50 year olds see what can be accomplished and realize how easy good to excellent results are consistently achieved … they too will want to learn what to do and how to do it, in order to reap the benefits and to gain the rewards! – 4.00 am.


add … yes, learn what to do, but also learn what not to do. – 4.07 am.



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