had a complete physical done yesterday which included an ecg.

6.11 am, 20/10/2015

I fell and broke my left shoulder a few years ago and the physical therapist refused to work with me doing strength training due to my high blood pressure. I was refused at the Field House also.   …so I’ve had to work out my own programs.


I’ve been climbing a total of 120 flights of stairs each morning usually before breakfast. That is 1080 steps.


I was doing 5 sets of 24 flights and was taking about 5 minutes per set. I was huffing and puffing and broke out into a good sweat.


Then I started cutting my time from 5 minutes to less than 4 minutes and the last few days to less than 3 minutes per set with no huffing and no puffing and no sweat.


so, since turning 80 just 18 days ago, I have cut my time for each set of stairs in half and the effort required is much less.


so it seems to me that getting stronger after turning 80 years of age or 90 years of age is doable! – 6.29 am.


It is said that right up until her death in 2014, Olga Kotelko was an active track and field athlete competing in 11 different events. It is reported that she grew stronger after turning 90 and that she had the capability of someone close to 30 years her junior. Sounds like confirmation to me.


I believe that an elder can grow stronger and can grow younger after turning 80 or 90. -6.40 am.


I also believe that seniors, older adults and adults can grow stronger and grow younger, but again, if and when … then.



_______ … any volunteers? _______________ 6.51 am.


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