here is a bone for the skeptics and for all of my critics

4.16 am, Wednesday, 21/10/2015.


please meet me face to face and eyeball to eyeball.

say what you have to say, and God willing, I will keep my cool and maintain composure.

… believe me or not, but I am working on eliminating all of the sin in me.

… >>…                >>>

and I am making progress. – 4.40 am.

now, coming back to the topic of discussion and concern:

what is the truth and the reality of healthy aging and maintaining health and wellness?

I’m looking at why astronauts loose muscle mass while in space and why sarcopenia and the typical 1% yearly muscle mass loss prior to 50 which may increase to 2 or 3% annually after age 50 and then what needs to be done in either case.  – * the % sarcopenia correction was made 7.27 pm, 26/10/2015


____________this edit added 6.31 am, 21/10/2015 _________

/?/      >…    /?/  >> …             /??/ >>>     /???/  >>>

who can see what I can see?

who agrees?

_________________  6.35 am,   21/10/2015 ______________

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