Sir/Ma’am, may I ask you: “where are you spiritually?” ___ …truthfully!

10.10 am , 22/10/2015.

your answer might be:

1). still lost in the world ___ …and know it OR NOT.

2) sort of coming out of the world, but ___ …lost in the wilderness

3) managed to get into the kingdom, but hooking, and slicing and backsliding, treading water and stuck ___…stuck here, there and everywhere ___…stuck with this, with that and with the other …you name it. ___ …admit it! – this content edit 7.39 am., 23/10/2015 …eh!                 ___ …action edits added 25/10/2015

who has the faith to make the move to greater faith? …and then to GREATER faith with good works and with perfect love?

who has the desire?

… who has a strong desire, but lacks the courage needed to face the truth that shall make you free? and then who will believe the Son who shall make you free indeed?  – 10.26 am.

______added and then who will believe the Son 7.57 am, 23/10/2015._____

___this edit added 8.01 am, 23/10/2015_____what is the glitch?

___ …what all is needed? we need to think this through …eh!  in our be still time and in our prayer closets and where two or three gather together in the name of Jesus.   we need truth and faith, patience, good works, belief without doubt, love without fear, we need temptation on every point and then repentance.

___ …is there something still missing?  …be willing to ask!   – 8.13 am.____


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