I believe that you can have it all! I believe that I can have it all! and I believe that many others can have it all too! …but,

5.15 am, 23/10/2015,

but, but, but … there are a few conditions!

___ … first we must be willing to listen carefully

and understand with our head and with our heart and then if and when we are willing to make important and required changes …first see Isaiah 6:9,10! -5.32 am.

___ … if and when we are willing   …see Isaiah 1:19

___ …and fully obedient to what God our Father tells us

___ …and we choose to live our lives …God’s way

___ …NOT my way

___ …NOT your way

___ …NOT any man’s way

________________ 5.23 am, 23/10/2015___________


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