who will read Psalm 103:3 with me today? …this week? …one fine day before the end of October?

5.49 am, Friday, 23/10/2015/ 5.53 am

___ …I’ve been 80 years old for 3 weeks now and I can say that I am fitter today than any other day since …?, …well, I can’t remember when and I am getting stronger already.   Since turning 80, I am getting stronger physically and I am getting stronger spiritually. ___ …I’ll put on a brief demonstration for you or for your group. ___ …It is an eye opener! ___ …it will get people talking about health and wellness! When I was younger, I would run a marathon at the start of every day …once every morning before breakfast.  – content edits 6.55 am.

___ …how could that possibly be …eh?

___ …what do I know now, that I did not know then?

___ …what do I know now that I can and will share with others?

___ Sir/Ma’am,   …come and read Psalm 103:3 together and let us discuss your life …how it is now!  …and the many ways your life could be so much better! – 6.00 am, 23/10/2015.


___ …your life can be so much better …very easily and quickly too -6.10 am, 23/10/2015.


___ … if you will just learn what to do and then,


___ …when you are ready to do it righteously.


___ …yes, it is a process, but it is an easy process when done right.   …head, heart and habits


___ …when our …thoughts …attitudes …actions line up!


___ …again, let’s you and I read Isaiah 6:9,10 together and discuss how this process can work for both of us.


____6.26 am______________ 23/10/2015.

___ …how and when to begin?

___ …where do you want to start first?

___ ..there are any number of physical, emotional, social and/or mental issues?

___ …relationships …building a relationship with God, …with yourself …with others

___ …a very close look at why a righteous spiritual journey is the key to it all!

______________6.45 am, ________________________23/10/2015.

___________________//___________//____________//  ___ …

a time for change ___… a time for BIG change. I see $80 million in my left hand and I see myself pointing at a radically new healing center …an amazing facility! -7.01 am.  I see a facility destined to quickly replace all of the acute and all of the long term health care needs for all of those with the faith and the belief. -8.45am.

_____________7.07 am, _______________________23/10/2015

this content added ……and for those who will ___ …choose  ___ …to obey ___ …willingly ___ …with and from a willing heart.     – 7.22 am, 24/10/2015.




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