the big breakthrough for me came yesterday! it was amazing! today, ___ …I’m ready to talk to you about it

6.06 am, Saturday, 24/10/2015

for me diligence and focus and patience have paid off.

join me briefly and I’ll talk you through and walk you through the earlier preparation and then what became the final determining steps for me. – 6.11 am


read psalm 103:3


John 14:1


John 10:30


Jeremiah 17:10


Hebrews 4:15


James 1:2-4


Philippians 4:13


read Titus 2:14 and compare to Psalm 103:3

_____6.21 am, ________________________- 24/10/2015.

and then it was as if Galatians 5:24 came alive for me and it was a real experience. – 6.33 am.,



this edit added at 6.49 am, 24/10/2015, ___ …I had written out 10 pages of scripture dealing with temptation and overcoming our sin nature and as I remember it was as if I was washing my thoughts and feelings and actions of those moments with water by the word.    > see Ephesians 5:26.


– 6.56 am., ____________24/10/2015_______


suddenly, ___…I had faith,    ___ … and I believed   ___ …without a single doubt.  – 7.05 am.



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